The history of Ottaviano Workshop

The renowned artistic history of the Ottaviano family started in 1947, when young Pasquale begans his long adventure as engraver apprentice, working in the workshop of the great master Giuseppe Scialanga (Naples 1889-1960). Scialanga was the creator of the miniature: technical representation of the Italian classic.

After several years, when Pasquale Ottaviano finished his apprenticeship, full of his passion for drawing, engraving, sculpture, started to create original designs in which he could impress personal style.

The Master, in a his own workshop, established himself on an international scale, distinguishes himself from other engraver thanks to a new method adopted in the creation of his works.
This method was characterized by:

a long designing;
a workmanship made entirely by hand with support of traditional nineteenth-century burins only;
the use of first-class materials.
The Master, Pasquale Ottaviano, now has undoubtedly supremacy in the miniature engraving technique of the italian classic on cameos.
Handing out his works on shell or semiprecious stones all over the world and receiving honorous and recognitions for that, he is considered the only real representative of a more and more elitist art.
Into the workshop Fabio Ottaviano, son of Pasquale, works beside Master.
His creations reveal an admirable mixture of tradition and modernity.

Combining the experience gained in his father workshop with specific studies achieved with full marks at the School of Art in Torre del Greco and the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, Fabio Ottaviano has skill in giving his works extraordinary transparencies and voluminous draperies, that no other artist has ever get from the smallest thickness that only a shell can give.
The name of Master Fabio Ottaviano is today known all over the world for his collaboration with the most prestigious jewellery companies in the world.