Manifacturing process

Cameos of Masters Pasquale and Fabio Ottaviano are carved entirely by hand.
The production process is an integral part of this age-old tradition.

Let’s start with scoppatura or cup cutting. The shell (corcolian or sardonyx) is cut in its most roundish part called “cup”. In the Segnatura or making phase, the artist draws with a pencil, in the interior part of the shell, the shape that will become the canvas for his painting.

Each element, after cut, undergoes phases of sagomatura or shaping and aggarbatura or moulding to round up the edges. With Spianatura or levelling, using a solution mixed with wax and pitch, the shell is mounted on a wooden stick and its surface is levelled until the white layer beneath is reached, here the artist can at last sketch his future creation with a pencil. The last step has more artistic value, is that of Incisione or engraving with iron tips even more sharp (bulino).